We meet at the finish line of Melbourne University’s Rawlinson Athletics Track on Tin Alley.

Rawlinson Track finish line

Sessions are not held on University holidays and will only be cancelled if the forecast temperature is >360C. If it is hot, raining or smoky we will modify the session.

Mondays 12.15pm – easy run/jog sessions

Jog to Princes Park (~700 m).

Beginners – 1/2 lap (1.5 km) or 1 lap (3 km). Working on running the whole way at an easy pace.

Non-beginners – 2 laps (6 km) of Princes Park.

Wednesdays 12.15pm – interval sessions

Jog two laps of the athletics track.

Running drills on the track

Interval sessions for beginners/working on fitness: Pace of the interval is slightly above what is comfortable when running continuously. Recovery time in the square brackets can be a walk or slow jog.

Interval sessions for others: Hard pace, but not flat-out, so that you can maintain consistent pace every repetition. Recovery time in the square brackets is a slow jog.

5th February

  • 2-3 x 1km [1 minute], 2 x 400m [1 minute]

12th February

  • 5-10 x 300m [walk/slow jog recovery 45 seconds]

19th February

  • 2-3 x 1km [1 minute], 4 x 400m [1 min]

26th February

  • Mona fartlek session on grass oval (2 x 90s [90s], 4 x 60s [60s], 4 x 30s [30s], 4 x 15s [15s])

4th March

  • 3-4 x 1km [1 min], 2 x 400m  [1 min]

11th March

  • Royal Park hills

18th March

  • 4-5 x 1km [1 min]

25th March

  • Guest coach – someone else in the group sets their favourite session for the group to do.



Melbourne University Athletics Club (MUAC) development running squad sessions are on Mondays and Wednesday evenings at 6pm and the distance running group (800/1500 track events up to the marathon) train on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. Contact Tony Brain. He is a legend.

You can find all the details about these training sessions on the club website